What Goes Into Building A Deck?

With popular home improvement shows like Property Brothers or Fixer Upper becoming mainstream, it’s no surprise there’s a new interest in renovating homes. For those who are comfy in their own home, perhaps changing the architectural design or adding more outdoor spaces will satisfy the need to improve. Custom decks are the perfect outdoor living space that adds value to your home and personal flair to the backyard.

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Many people add decks to their home as a way to increase outdoor enjoyment and improve the atmosphere of their backyard. Archadeck of Central Maine is a locally-owned business that builds outdoor structures like decks with a custom design plan that meets the clients’ needs. Their deck builders work hard to ensure your deck is fully functional and beautifully complements your home.

What Goes Into Building Decks?

Design Consultation

Before deck builders can build the perfect deck for your home, a design consultation is needed, so they know what you as a client want. At Archadeck of Central Maine, these design consultations are free, so you can decide how you want to move forward with the project. You will discuss your desires and ideas for the deck with your Archadeck team so that they can create a custom plan to your satisfaction. Here’s what to keep in mind for these consultations:

  1. Your budget
  2. Where you want to put the deck
  3. The design you want
  4. The materials you want (wood, vinyl, etc.)

The deck builders will then inspect the area you plan to have your deck or the previous existing deck that you plan to replace. Measurements and photographs will be taken so they can be as accurate as possible.

Building the Deck

When it comes to building the deck, some builders have different processes. At Archadeck of Central Maine, the deck builders secure any building permits needed before construction begins and provide local oversight throughout the project to ensure their customer protection plan and maintain respect for your property and privacy.

The deck building process begins with laying down the foundation and securing the main support posts of the deck. It’s important to make sure the foundation is level, and the support posts are secure. The deck builders will then begin framing the deck by adding beams and joists to the posts as a support system that creates the deck’s structure. Then comes adding the main floorboards to the structure. Once the floorboards are in place, the deck builders will finish and seal the deck to complete the look and protect the deck from weathering.

Each deck design is different depending on what the client wants. The deck builders at Archadeck of Central Maine will attend to every detail of the custom plan you created and designed with them so that you enjoy the finished product for years to come.