4 Historic Home Renovation Tips from The Professionals

If you own a historic home and want to update it then you need some advice. It is hard to maintain old homes. Here are some tips from the professionals that can help you in renovating your historic home.

More time and money needed

Historic home renovation can cost more money and take more time than normal houses. Everything in the house needs to be custom-made. So, your budget needs to be high and you should be prepared for a long time it will take to finish the project.

Consider the regulations


If your house is listed on the historic register of if it’s a preservation district, then you need to check with the respective office for any restrictions on the renovation project. You need to follow their guidelines to renovate the house.

Expect the unexpected

Old homes are likely to have problems. These problems pop up suddenly. So, you need to keep the budget for this kind of surprises. It is wise to keep about 10% to 20% budget for these nasty surprises.

Asbestos and lead paint

In the past, people were not aware of the dangers of asbestos and lead paint, so these were widely used in building homes. You need to get rid of these before you start living in your historic home. You need to find a good contractor to do the job.

These tips are very important to remember when you start your historic home renovation project. It can help you overcome some of the major obstacles of historic home renovation.